Deep Reality Exists in Training the Heart and Mind

Characters on garage door, which serves as the wall of the dojo.

Oku myo zai ren shin are the characters painted on the inside of my garage door. The door also serves as a wall in our karate school.

When you practice in our dojo (my garage) you see these characters, literally, writ large every day.

Someone also painted this beautiful wall hanging for us with the same expression. It hangs on the front wall in our dojo.

Wall hanging with characters meaning train with a good heart.

It means deep (or profound) reality exists in training the heart and mind. Or, more succinctly, ‘Train with a good heart’. These characters are also on the black belts in our school.

The idea that training can lead to insight is not a new one. But sometimes we forget when it is not there in front of us every day. What are we doing here? Why do this? Why work so fanatically hard at what we do? What’s the point?

By working hard at something with full commitment and purpose we can change things for ourselves, our families, and our community and ultimately we can literally change our world and what we see in it.

Growth, making money, can be a good thing when it is aimed at a good purpose or intent. Transforming ourselves and the world around us into something that is strong, resilient, and kind is a good goal when training to improve your life or your business.

Come to PM Grow and find out what it takes.

Come join us. Work hard, have fun.

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(Note: My life would not be what it is today without these words and so many more from my teacher and friend Jeff Brooks and his books The Good Fight – The Virtues and Value of the Martial Arts and The Rhinoceros Tale – Martial Arts and the Path to Freedom and many thanks to Tarleton Brooks for the many magnificent works of art that adorn our dojo.)

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