Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Attending PM Grow Summit 2019

PM Grow Summit is busy prepping for its third edition, taking place April 17-19 in Austin, TX.

Since its inception, the goal of our conference has been to inspire institutional change in the property management industry. We aim to deliver an experience that is worthy of your time and investment, and fresh ideas that keep you coming back every year.

But don’t take our word for it: here’s what our alumni say about PM Grow Summit.

  1. Great Speakers

The calibre of our speakers sets PM Grow Summit apart from other property management conferences. Previous attendees have described them as “great”, “talented,” and “outstanding.” “I loved all the speakers,” said another.

Our 2019 lineup is no exception; our speakers have won awards, written best-selling books, co-founded multiple companies, and earned million-dollar revenues.

  1. Innovative Ideas

PM Grow Summit is, first and foremost, a property management event for professionals looking to grow their business. As a result, topics such as sales, client onboarding, and financial benchmarks will always play a role. Yet our alumni deeply appreciate our ability to think outside the box.

This year, we’ll discuss topics such as the benefits of blockchain technology, building a better customer experience, and creating an influential website. All have something fresh to offer your business.

“I really like that you brought in professional speakers from outside of the industry.”

“[There was] lots of diversity regarding the information that was taught.”

[I liked] the variety of information that can positively impact our industry.”

  1. Practical Application

When you attend a conference, you’re looking for more than just inspiring ideas to grow your business. You’re likely also looking for solid numbers that back them up, step-by-step instructions on how to implement them, and details on how to make them work for you.

The 2019 Summit includes topics like “Standardized Industry Reporting,” and frequent Deep Dive Break Outs that facilitate further discussion. As a result, you’re guaranteed to get both meaty content and the juicy details – it’s what our attendees have come to expect from PM Grow Summit.

“[I was ] introduced to new concepts that I will use in my business.”

“Lots of great ideas to implement.”

“Presentations with details about how to grow and be more profitable. There were actionable details and advice.”

“Tangible, applicable details to execute.”

“The financial survey taught me to keep a better eye on the books.”

“It covered not just the why, but the how. What many classes miss is they give you great ideas, but no real instruction on how to implement those ideas.”

“Good information, especially the statistical data.”

  1. We’re Slaying the Competition

PM Grow Summit is aiming to be the most progressive event in the industry. We’ve set the bar high, but the feedback we’ve received makes us confident that we’re hitting the target.

“The subject matter was at a much higher level than other conferences I’ve attended.”

“[There is] more valuable content than is presented at other industry conferences: growth oriented, business and mindset considerations – not just blocking and tackling.”

  1. Networking

We hear it every year: the networking opportunities at PM Grow Summit are unparalleled.  (And we’re not just talking about running into your favorite podcaster – although you’ll likely do that too!)

When you get a group of talented, ambitious thought leaders from across the country in one room, they’re no longer the competition – they become your colleagues. Whether it’s recommending an app, sharing an HR policy or discussing a new fiscal strategy, you’ll hear about it here.

“I always enjoy the networking. I pick up something new every time, which pays for the conference.”

“Networking with the best in the business.”

“Yes [I would come back], the networking was phenomenal.”

“Networking with other top notch property managers.”

So if you haven’t yet experienced PM Grow Summit, make 2019 your year. Throw some Texan hospitality into the mix, and you’ve got an unbeatable list of reasons to join us April 17-19 in Austin. Register today – we’ll see you there.

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