having fun at pm grow 2019

1) Have fun – Work isn’t always fun. It’s not supposed to be. But sometimes it is. Like when you’re at PM Grow! Hehe… When things are fun what happens? We become healthier, we communicate better, we are more creative AND we are more productive. These sound like good things to have in your business.

2) Be nice – Or more particularly, be kind to each other. Everybody’s going thru something every day all day long. So maybe we can give them the benefit of the doubt when our mind tells us to “push back”. Maybe we can listen instead of telling. Maybe we don’t even address it today but wait until we’ve had a chance to see it thru a different lens and think about it. Maybe we do all of this because ultimately it is in the best interest of everything we are working on to create an atmosphere that is kind. Being kind deliberately takes agency and focus. It’s a good practice

3) Try something new – So first you have to admit you don’t know how or maybe you don’t understand. So what? Judgment is so old school. Maybe somewhere in you, you are curious. So try it and find out. Listen for a while and think about it and then get up and try it and see if it works for you. New ideas are out there just waiting for you. But you won’t get to know any of them without trying.

Come join us. Work hard, have fun.

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