Thank You PM Grow 2022 Superheroes

PM Superheroes

There’s a book by Michael Chabon called, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay. In one aspect it’s about the evolution of the comics and superheroes that happened before, during, and after World War 2. In it, an immigrant arrives in NYC after escaping Prague in a coffin and having to leave his family behind. Eventually, he and his cousin go on to create a superhero called “The Escapist” who shares similarities to a number of the superheroes that many of us know today.

I read the book about 15 years ago.

But what stayed with me was the story of how the details of our lives and our own personal histories through the alchemy of artistic inspiration can get turned into the substance of inspirational myth. The point being: we can be the hero in our own story if we choose to be.

At some point everyone’s life is difficult. Sometimes incredibly difficult, tragic, and possibly overwhelming. How we choose to respond to it is another thing altogether.

If you run a small business bad things can happen. You will make mistakes. You will be presented with opportunities every day. What you do with those and how you choose to respond is up to you.

There are superheroes out there living in the world. We all know them. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. They live inside us and inspire us. I believe we can rise to their level if we choose.

To begin, we just need to stand a little taller and upright. Back straight, spine strong. Confront our own difficulties, face our mistakes and make up our minds that today we will choose better than yesterday.

That’s how it starts.

How it will end is up to you.

Many, many thanks to all the superheroes that attended PM Grow 2022 in San Diego. We are grateful and inspired by your energy and commitment to grow your businesses and make them better than they were yesterday.

Thank you, attendees.

Hard Rock Rooftop Party

Thank you, sponsors and exhibitors.

Thank you, speakers and panelists.

And thank you to the incredible teams from Fourandhalf, PM Grow, and Fifth Element Group that built this year’s show and made the event exceptional.

PM Grow Team

You are all superheroes in my book.

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