Sell Your Ask Off Using The Proven Blueprint for BDM Success From Kasey McDonald

In march, Alex and I spoke at the Leading Property Managers of Australia conference in Queensland. As you can imagine, we made the most of the trip.

I’m always scouting talent so months before we hit the ground I reached out to the folks at the BDM Academy to schedule a meeting… and I was not disappointed.

And believe me, when it comes to consultants and trainers, I expect to be dissapointed – there’s just so. much. hype. being sold today.

As is my custom, I spent a loooong time interrogating Kasey on how she approaches sales, objections, follow up, crm, compensation models, inbound vs outbound, etc.

My conclusions about Kasey were that she:

  1. Has lived it (Built & sold her own management company)
  2. Is incredibly articulate (Points for Aussie accent)
  3. Focuses on core sales fundamentals rather than leveraging charisma to make you think you can be Tony Robbins when you wake up tomorrow.

I respect that, especially point #3.

If you want sales pixie dust, go google “Hypnotic Selling Techniques”.

If you want a playbook you can run in day and day out to achieve sustained sales results, come hear Kasey speak at PM Grow. It could be the difference between you having and hitting a sales goal versus a sales wish.

To get a preview of what she brings to the table, check out her recent 50 min. interview with Alex.

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