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Claude Silver Headshot

Claude Silver

Chief Heart Officer | VaynerMedia

Claude holds the second-most important position at VaynerMedia, and was hand-picked by Gary Vee himself to be the first Chief Heart Officer for his company. Yes, you read that right. In this role, Silver acts as Gary Vaynerchuk’s right hand while managing close to 1,200+ employees.

In an industry where tech is becoming increasingly prevalent and more accessible to everyone, it’s easy to forget about the personal side of things. If tech has become an equalizer, why should a property owner work with you when they could do things themself with the help of tech?

The answer: relationships. 

Running a property management business is about more than having the latest technology. It’s about cultivating relationships and building trust. It just so happens that these two things are cultivated and felt not in the brain, but you guessed it — in the heart. Gary Vee knew exactly what he was doing when he coined that job title.

Frank Shamrock Headshot

Frank “The Legend” Shamrock

Champion Fighter | Speaker | Entrepreneur | Mentor

Get ready to bring your inner warrior to PM Grow 2022 because Frank “The Legend” Shamrock will be speaking to our growth-minded crowd, inspiring all of us to strive for personal excellence and business growth. His formula is pretty simple: Try to improve something of importance in a small or measured amount each day – until the goal or change is complete.

Born Frank Alicio Juarez III, Frank Shamrock is a retired MMA champion, four-time undefeated UFC champion, and a pioneer of modern combat sports. He was named “Fighter of the Decade” for the 1990’s and holds the world record for the fastest knockout (14 seconds). Frank has been sharing stories of his journey on stage, television and at events like PM Grow for more than twenty years.

Why do we think he is perfect for property managers focused on growing their businesses?


  • He’s an entrepreneur. Just like you – Frank understands how to start a business, build a business, and put a message together that attracts people to his brand.
  • He’s an advocate. Frank knows how to fight, and not just in the cage. He’ll show you how to fight for yourself and your business.
  • He understands competition. But not in an adversarial way. Frank will tell you how good warriors understand that their competitors are friends and allies.
  • He believes in striving for personal excellence. According to Frank, every human spirit should be encouraged to achieve personal excellence in all areas of their life.

More than anything else – we like Frank because he’s full of kindness, heart, resilience and perseverance.

Learn about The Shamrock Way at PM Grow Summit. We can’t wait to introduce Frank and have him share his motivational stories of success and challenges with our property management professionals.

Other speakers

Rhianna Campbell

Founder | Property Planning Business Coach

Headshot - Rhianna Campbell

With over 17 years of experience in real estate, Rhianna Campbell has done everything from providing mortgage loans, credit & financial counseling to wholesaling and home renovations.


After selling her multimillion-dollar real estate business in 2018, she started Proper Planning LLC, a consultancy assisting entrepreneurs across the world define and find business freedom. She draws from her years of extensive professional and real-life experience as well as her strong educational background.

Rhianna is a teacher at heart. She has developed and led workshops for a variety of organizations and presented at national, regional and local events. She has been interviewed numerous times on internationally based podcasts and quoted in many online magazine and news articles. And continues to advocate for the rights of small investors by testifying to government officials on topics that impact the wealth of so many families.

Berit Elizabeth

Founder | Emotive Agility Training

Berit Elizabeth Headshot

As an Emotive Agility Trainer, Berit Elizabeth trains super-driven professionals to become Athletes of Emotion, break free from anxiety, and increase confidence during the difficult conversations and presentations that shape the direction of their careers. Emotive Agility Training offers workshops and courses


for professionals who face challenges such as situational anxiety, being labeled as “too emotional,” or a fear of public speaking. Her unique approach draws from theater exercises & body language strategies that professionals can use to develop emotional intelligence skills and succeed in situations such as interviewing, investor pitches, negotiation and setting boundaries.

Berit has over 12 years of leadership and sales experience in multiple industries. In the last decade, she has been Director of Sales & Operations for six Snap Fitness franchise locations, a Tedx speaker, and a Corporate Sales Trainer for a call center of 80 insurance agents. She entered the property management industry as a Scale Consultant for RentScale where she advised hundreds of property managers on how to design a sales process to scale their companies and increase revenue. She now combines her professional experience with her long-standing passion for emotional wellness.

Berit holds an MA in Social Psychology & Directing from NYU and is certified. inbody language training and emotional intelligence assessment.

Daniel Craig

Founder & CEO | ProfitCoach

Daniel Craig square-min

Daniel Craig is passionate about helping entrepreneurs make the most of their God-given talents and believes that financial clarity is crucial to driving commitment and change toward breakthrough profitability.


He is co-author of the NARPM Accounting Standards and the CEO of ProfitCoach, a property management-focused financial services company with the mission of helping PM entrepreneurs expand their personal freedoms of time, finances, and purpose, by building highly profitable, self-managing PM businesses.

He is blessed to be husband to Megan and father of three children and loves (almost) every minute of it.


The one event I don’t miss every year is the PM Grow Summit… the people there are really committed to growing their business in a significant way and pushing the industry forward.

- Steve Welty

I think it’s a really good conference. I think the Speakers were great, and the breakouts were good… I think it’s just an overall great value.

- Brad Larsen

I went to the first one… and found it so informative and just cutting edge in the business of Property Management. So, I’ve been every year since.

- Shirley Johnson

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