USP’s or UFO’s? – Standing Out From The Crowd

Industry professionals are always telling us we need a Unique Selling Point (USP) or a Point of Difference when pitching for new business.

But so many property managers (and many BDMs) don’t really know how or why they are different, and most don’t know how to instantly demonstrate why they should get the business over a competitor.

And the result of this?

Either, not getting the business or having to discount fees to get the business.
In his usual, forthright way, Bob will teach you:

  •  What landlord clients really want from you, and how to demonstrate this to a prospective client in a compelling way
  •  How to add value to the client that is worth a lot more than the fee you are negotiating
  •  How the cheapest Property Manager is not the one with the lowest fees
     What you need to do to ensure that you stand out from the PM pack