Light shines down on a path through a forest of trees.“Look at the light!”

That’s what my dad said when I picked him up at the airport.

Every year my dad, who lived on the east coast, would come to visit us in CA in January or February.

Of course, the California high sky and sunshine would get him every time.

It was a good reminder to me to be grateful for things I didn’t ordinarily notice.

My dad was a Marine reserve for 20 years and a competitive marksman but, above all else, he was a librarian. He was the Director of our town library, and taught library sciences for years, and also wrote a few books about how to make great libraries.

He believed in the power of the written word and more importantly information. When computers came along he was one of the early adopters in the library community. He did not see them as a threat. What he saw was more ways to lift people up thru reading and the sharing of information, perspective, and human understanding.

When Yahoo came along and then Google we used to have discussions around the value of a curated search vs purely computer processed searches. His view of it all was no matter what came along there was still nothing that could replace the deep understanding, pattern recognition, and interpretive meaning that occurs at the confluence of people and information. He was passionate about connecting with people and helping them find the information they needed and he even invented a couple of products designed to do just that, that are still used today.

The future of Property Management will be won by people who understand how people and technology can work together to deliver great experiences for Owners and Tenants alike. There is no shortcut. You will have to know how to work well with both and get them both to work together.

At PM Grow 2022 we will dive into the future of PM, information technology, and people like never before, and we won’t let you leave until you see the light.

Come join us. Work hard, have fun.

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