Quick Tips for #PropertyManagers on Every Social Media Platform

If you’ve been paying attention to PM Grow Summit’s past speakers, you already have a solid online presence. That means a highly effective website,  fresh copywriting techniques, and web content that provides the answers your audience is looking for.

Social media is your next step. Not only are your current and potential landlords and tenants already active on social networks, they can be your greatest asset.

Building Trust (and your Brand)

The social media profile of a property management company communicates their brand, and active companies who are transparent on social media have more leads and better conversion rates. A lack of trust is the biggest reason why landlords don’t hire property management companies, and a solid social media presence helps to build that trust faster.

It also helps your SEO and your Google ranking.

Getting Started

The best use for social media is amplifying the impact of larger multi-channel marketing campaigns rather than a focused, single-channel effort.

So what social media network should you be on? It depends on your demographics, but Facebook is still tops in the US. Twitter and Instagram are popular with young millennials. Renting to college students? They likely have accounts on all three, plus SnapChat. If you don’t have the resources to update multiple accounts, simply start with one.

And yes, your audience may be on LinkedIn as well. But unless there’s a career-related reason to connect, they may want to keep their professional persona separate from their property manager.

Creating Content

Don’t feel that you have to reinvent the wheel. Your feature content will likely be similar to what’s on your website: eye-catching photography, glowing reviews, and text that represents the voice of your brand.

The key is to use them to their full potential. Some suggestions:

– Social media gives you the ability to become a member of a community. Stay on top of local trends and events, use local hashtags, find the most active users, and engage. That means liking, re-tweeting, or leaving a comment.

– Be mindful of your online ‘voice.’ Although you want to represent your brand consistently, you also want to come across as a real human being who’s ready to help. It will make potential clients more likely to connect.

– Respond quickly. A potential client looking for a property manager wants someone reliable.

– When posting vacant properties, encourage your followers to share it. Your sample caption could read: “Do you know someone who would love this sunny one-bedroom suite? Tag them – it’s available!”

– When you sign a new contract, ask if you can take a photo and post it. – Feature your social accounts on your website and in your email.

– If you’ve got really active staff or enthusiastic tenants, start your own hashtag, run a contest, and encourage them to tag you.


– Already have happy clients? Ask them to post a review on Facebook when they renew their lease or at the end of the year; it’s front and center on your page.

– Customize your call-to-action button. It may be the first place your tenants think to contact you in the case of an emergency. https://www.facebook.com/business/news/call-to-action-button


– Don’t just tweet; listen. Being able to see what your current and potential clients are discussing, whether it’s related to the property industry or not, has incredible value in your ability to anticipate problems and provide solutions.

– The hashtag isn’t going away anytime soon. It’s still the best way to get eyeballs on your posts.

– Don’t forget the visuals; a post with a photo is likely to be re-tweeted.

Social Photos Generate More Engagement: New Research


– When it comes to Instagram, it’s all about aesthetics. Be sure to capture your property in its best light – literally. And if the sun isn’t cooperating that day, there’s a filter for that.

– Tap into the hot home decor of the moment: current trends include cactus plants, succulent plants, and natural elements like wood and stone. But renters’ basic priorities don’t change: cleanliness, a fresh coat of paint, and natural light remain popular with everyone.

– If your district features beautiful parks, trendy boutiques or cute cafes, be sure to capture them as well. Don’t forget to tag both the business and the location, and use local hashtags.

The bottom line is that your social media accounts add legitimacy to your business. Even if you don’t have a large list of dedicated followers, they still serve a purpose. They give you legitimacy, help with SEO, and give you the opportunity to present your best self.

If someone is considering a property manager or a new place to call home, your online community will direct them to you – watch! It also helps you build stronger customer relationships – but more on that later. https://pmgrowsummit.com/lisa-wise/

– Alex Osenenko

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