The 3 People You’ll Meet at #PMGrow


PM Grow Summit is about to launch its third annual event, but we’ve already earned a strong reputation.

There are many reasons our alumni return to PM Grow Summit, but chief among them is the opportunity to network. Whether you’re trading war stories with a first-time guest or rubbing shoulders with a keynote speaker, your fellow participants are the best reason to register for PM Grow Summit.

So, just who is attending our events?

This post will break down the three types of people you’ll meet at the next PM Grow Summit.

(Spoiler alert: They’re experienced, successful, and just as ambitious as you are!)


Attendee #1 : Obsessed with Growth


If the wants of our attendees can be summed up in one word, it’s growth. Professional property managers attend our events because they’ve already established a profitable business and they’re craving actionable advice on how to advance to the next level.

So what does significant growth look like to them? When asked what their top goal for the year was, our attendees’ answers included:

• Add 50 doors
• Add 250 doors
• Increase revenue per door
• Grow by 50%
• Buy a company and grow by acquisition
• Add a second office in a neighbouring city
• Make more money


Attendee #2: The Perfectionist


The Perfectionist has already obtained an impressive amount of success in the property management industry. They’re no longer focused on building their business, and more interested in polishing it.

When asked what their #1 goal was, they said:

• Get our processes in perfect order
• Find a better workflow solution
• To become more efficient in our daily operations
• Better systems
• Operational excellence

They’re incredibly organized, highly confident, and have their sights set on being the best in the business – you can’t help but be inspired by their outlook. Many have stopped attending other industry events because they feel they’ve outgrown them, but you will still find them at PM Grow Summit.


Attendee #3: The Sponge


The Sponge attends PM Grow Summit eager to absorb as much knowledge as they can. They’re relying on us to deliver an innovative event with fresh ideas sourced from outside the property management industry. They look to us for inspiration, and we refuse to disappoint them.

When asked what their goals were following last year’s event, they said:

• Optimize our website
• Produce four new videos a month
• Recruit more sales brokers
• Re-craft our marketing message
• Edit our internet ads
• Hire a business development manager
• Grow our brand recognition
• Structure our team effectively
• To implement what was learned

They leave our events feeling motivated, empowered, and ready to do things differently.


Chances are that you may see yourself represented in one of these three personas. If so, you can be confident that PM Grow Summit will meet your networking and learning expectations. Join us for our next event.

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