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I was looking thru the Fourandhalf Blog library the other day and these were some of the topics I found from years past

  • Should I Do Social Media?
  • Why Property Managers Should Jump on Google Apps Yesterday
  • Why Should Property Managers Have a Blog?
  • Is Yodle Right for Your Property Management Company?

“Yodle” – yep, that’s right, they were a thing back then.

Seems like looking back into the dark ages. Nowadays the majority of PM sites I see have some form of a blog, many owners have their own Podcast and people treat Social Media like water.

Back then if you wanted to be a Digital Marketing company for Project Managers you first had to explain what that meant and then you ended up saying things to your friends like – you know, “advertising on the internet”.

But these days being online is very different. It’s a community. There every day and usually only a short walk from your bedroom. Participation has rules and pitfalls and triumphs and sometimes success feels like it is measured in just being able to keep up. Many people’s jobs start to feel like just being able to go home with no unanswered emails is a credible measure for success.

The idea of transforming your job, your company, your clients so you can sit on top of that mountain everyone’s always talking about seems almost unthinkable. How are you supposed to do that and “keep up” the way everyone, including you, expects you to.

That’s really the spur that created PM Grow. The goal was to create a place where PMs can come and rise above what happens every day and see what they’ve been doing and how they’ve been doing it is changing while they’re doing it. And then maybe, see things thru a lens they haven’t seen thru before or maybe haven’t used in a long while, that allows them back on the path they started out on in the beginning. Or maybe it opens a new road for them entirely which is closer and truer to who they are or want to be right now.

PM Grow is not just growth. It is vision, exploration, community, and alarm clock all in one.

We hope you will come and spend some time with us.

Come join us. Work hard, have fun.

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