Tired plumber sitting by toilet.You’ve stood over this same toilet staring into the abyss, plunger in hand 1000 times before. Your wife just called, wondering why you’re not home and reminding you your daughter’s high school basketball game is tonight.

You told her the toilet backed up again at 2736 Jefferson. “Again? What are those people putting in there.” You sighed and told her you’d be home in a half-hour.

“Why can’t Richard take care of it?”

“He quit.”

“That’s the third maintenance guy in 6 months”.

“It’s ok, I got it sorted see you soon”

And that’s it.

You unclog the toilet, the tenant looks at you grateful that you came but annoyed that it happened again, and you leave. That’s it, you do it again and again and slowly the decisions you make are better, you hire the right person/company for maintenance.

You do a pre-rental inspection on the homes you rent so you know where the issues will be and how to stay ahead. Gradually, step by step, it becomes a little easier and your family notices you are home for dinner more often than not.

It takes work to get good at something. And to excel it takes more than just work. It takes patience, discipline, resilience, and sometimes a little pain along the way. You learn to fight and overcome challenges and after a while you recognize you are getting better at it. And once you’ve gone thru it you can see it in others who have experienced similar things to what you have.

Learning to be a warrior in your life has a value that not everyone understands. But you do, because you’ve lived it. Dedicating your life to caring for your family, your business, your community, and becoming the best version of yourself you can possibly be, takes deep effort, skill, patience, resilience, and focus.

Learning how to do this again and again in your life is what being a warrior is all about. Frank Shamrock has lived it and knows how to teach it.

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