A couple walks along a path with a white dog.Sometimes, when we go to these conferences, we just sit, while information and insight are shared. Unless our ability to focus is strong or tuned in, much of what is presented just whizzes past us as we shift and squirm in response to our bodies that are built to move.

To train deeply we need to consider what’s needed for both our mind and body to be in the best place they can be so that we can do what we’ve set out to accomplish.

One of the best things we can do is move in such a way that requires our focus to become sharp. This shift in our attention, when sustained, allows us to listen better and retain information more deeply.

This kind of attention shift is oneof the purposes of things like Yoga and other focused movement-based practices.

It doesn’t have to be impossibly complicated or require you to be an Olympic athlete.

The challenge level just needs to be enough to allow your body to do what it needs to do and to bring your single-pointed attention along for the ride.

On Tuesday morning of PM Grow, we will meet in our cafe at 8am. Very little will need to be said. Just bring your body and your attention and then…

We all will just move.

Come join us. Work hard, have fun.

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