Let’s Cut The Crap with Websites & SEO… John Jantsch Will Set The Record Straight

What is it about website and SEO that attracts so much nonsense?

We see so many rational and competent property management entrepreneurs approach these two issues as if they were asking a shaman to cure a terminal illness. No, the shamanic healer can’t help you – and yes, there is a much better way to approach the problem.

Don’t get me wrong – conversion science, search, social, digital strategy… these can be daunting topics. BUT, they aren’t black magic and there are qualified people that can help you navigate through them in an evidence based way rather than reducing it down to pseudo science.

Enter the latest keynote speaker at PM Grow 2018…

John Jantsch is a globally recognized authority on small business marketing.

Does that sound like hype? Consider the following quote from Seth Godin:

“John Jantsch is the Peter Drucker of small business marketing tactics.”

This is like Tiger Woods calling another golfer the Jack Nicklaus of putting…

Yes – he’s keynoted everywhere, written 5 best selling books, hosts an insanely successful podcast, BUT the real reason we asked him to keynote is that he actually CARES about seeing small businesses thrive. He’s not just an ideas guy or show pony, he’s a real operator that still get’s his hands dirty like we do.

Johns keynote is going to cover things like:

  • How to draw prospective clients in with a compelling promise
  • Making your prospect that hero of the story your site tells
  • The key trust-building elements prospects look for
  • Develping the right content to attract and reward search engines
  • How to build a homepage journey for your ideal client

If your company’s website matters to you, if you view it as an essential element of your overall growth strategy – you owe it to yourself to hear John speak, and to ask him specific questions about YOUR website, YOUR brand and YOUR overall marketing strategy.

I think you know by now, that when it comes to PM Grow keynotes – we seek out the people that have truly inspired and shaped our work as marketers, entrepreneurs and leaders. If we’re not blown away, how can we expect you to be?

The bottom line… John Jantsh is a legend, and we’re incredibly honored to have him help YOU transform your growth strategy & trajectory. The end.

P.S. –  Still waiting to purchase your ticket? Come see us at our booth at NARPM national next month for some extra discount love 🙂

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