What’s The #1 Driver of Success or Failure?

If you had to boil it down to one thing, what would it be?

Intelligence. Work ethic. Talent. personality… take your pick.

From where Alex and I sit, it comes down to this: Mindset.

I’ll never forget reading this attendee survey comment after last years Summit:

“Keep speakers focused on actionable recommendations as opposed to “Tony Robbins” type talks.”

It stuck out to me because I knew how much this persons mindset was holding back their business. Limiting beliefs are a real thing folks.

Give the same proven playbook for success to two entrepreneurs, and watch radically different outcomes follow (Example).

Why am I telling you all this? Because deep down we all know more talks, books and conferences isn’t the answer.

When I first approached Alex about the idea of hiring a coach to help improve my mental game and focus… he was a little skeptical at first. Then, before I had even called 1-800-GETACOACH he told me he’d hire a guy named Jason Goldberg to not only coach him, but his entire executive team.

Now it was my turn to be skeptical. Who is this guy and how much are you paying him?

Fast forward a couple months – I’d hired a business coach and for both Alex and myself it was a pivotal experience in our entrepreneurial journey. We asked Jason to come, to help you experience the power that comes from challenging your deeply held beliefs about the WHY, HOW and WHAT of your business.

It’s so easy to talk about growth – i.e. ways to step on the gas in your business. But that is of ZERO value if you haven’t first identified they ways your other foot is already on the brake.

Jason Goldberg is coming to help you find out where your foot is on the brake.

We hope you take this opportunity to challenge yourself.

It’s made all the difference for us.


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