How strong is your brand?

Your brand isn’t your company name.

Your brand isn’t your website.

Your brand isn’t your logo.

“You’re brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos

Your brand is your story.

And your story is the one thing that makes you unique.

No story > no brand > no future… just a death march toward commoditization.

Yes, the C word. If your company isn’t a trusted brand, it is a COMMODITY.

So then the question becomes, how confident are you in your brand?

Does it represent a sharp competative edge, or a dull afterthought?

How much thought and strategy went into birthing and building it?

Will it take your business where you want it to go?

If not, what are you going to do about it?

Re-branding is a scary proposition but it’s not impossible.

We asked Brad Larsen to speak because he’s executed a successful rebrand and he’ willing to share any property management company can do the same.

Like many PM Grow attendees, Brad is killing it in his market (adding a door a day in 2018).

What sets Brad apart is his beginners mindset – it keeps him constantly searching for the next thing that will change the trajectory of his business – even when that requires being open to torching the brand he’d spent over a decade building.

Frankly, a rebrand can be pretty daunting.

But Brad knew the brand he started with (Larsen Properties), which was great in the early days when it really was just him – wasn’t going to cut it for building a high growth multi-market business that had a vision larger than Brad Larsen.

Brads is going to break down the WHY, HOW and WHAT of executing a successful rebrand. From the high level strategic considerations, down to the technical details of seamlessly flipping the switch when you’re ready to actually go live without blowing up your digital assets or confusing customers.

If you believe in brand, you need to hear this talk. See you in San Diego.

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