Talk Overview:

Deniz Yusuf has been in the sales industry his entire career (even when he didn’t realize it). In 2008, he started in real estate and found his passion as a Business Development Manager. He listed 67 properties in his first year! By his second year, he had leased 191 managements and each year it just kept growing. But by 2013 he was feeling burned out, so he started training.

His session will show you how he achieved the success he did by never giving up.

Talk Notes:

The secret to growing your rent roll, is about breaking it down and looking at your achievements.

If you are looking to be better at real estate, you need to paint the picture of your success. 2017 is not going to change unless you change!

If you don’t prospect, how will you grow your rent roll?

Three Keys to Winning the Business

  1. Trust

Deniz believes that trust is 80% of winning the business.

  1. Services

Most of the time, people already understand the services you offer. It’s trust that gets you in the door to sell the services.


You need to get this filled out incorrectly or you don’t have a listing.

Three Versions of Trust

You are already in difficult position because of the general population’s opinion.

Trust before the presentation:

  1. The person who answers the phone
    • Are you training to make sure they are properly representing you? You need to have them on your side!
  1. Text messages
    • Text messages work! You can even take it to another level and send a video text message!
  1. Response Time
    • How long is too long to respond? Anything longer than instant. If you wait more than an hour, you will start losing business.
  1. Ask the hot questions
    • Have you had any experience with an agent before?

See if you have competition, see what they’ve been through

    • What are your current problems?

You want this answer so you can solve the issue before you get to the presentation

    • What concerns do you have with regards to renting out your property?
    • How did you find out?

You want to know where your leads are coming from

  1. Pre-Presentation Process
  • Pre-Fill out your forms.
  • Calendar invite
  • Send information so the client already knows how you are doing things differently.
  • Do a comparable market analysis.

This way you can help ascertain the value of the home. Try a video CMA!

These techniques are working! They are helping not only convert more people but converting them faster.

  1. Marketing
  • Is your marketing clear and consistent?
  • Are your emails clear?

Emails needs to include hyperlinks, videos, etc. to show the great content you have. Show them why you should be chosen.

  • Make sure you are taking photos (and posting it on social media) letting people know you are doing training to better yourself.

Don’t be scared to be proud of your listings and market them!

Trust immediately before the presentation:

  • Are you on time?
  • Where do you park?
  • Don’t park in the front of the property or on the driveway.
  • Offer to take your shoes off.

All of these are showing respect.

Trust during the presentation:

  1. Listen
    • Listen to your client and work out how you are going to win the business.
    • Listening for pain points by asking questions
  2. Get the client talking
    • Start off highlighting positives about the property and it entices the client to talk positively about the house.
    • Ask about concerns.
  3. Educate
    • Give clients live statistics.
    • Don’t be scared to show your clients the properties that you can’t list. Your job is to educated the client and help set the standard. When showing a property you can’t sell, you can educate them as to what direction they need to go.
  4. Service
    • What are your points of differences?
    • Promote your key services and sell them everywhere!

Trust after the presentation:  

  1. Close
  • Do you know your agreement back to front? If you don’t have an answer, call the “expert” or specialized staff in the office to respond.
  • When you go for the kill, there is no need to be the pushy sales man.


You are always the ambassador for your company. Don’t just feel charming and charismatic after you’ve made the sale – carry that charm and charisma with you always!

About Deniz:

Deniz is a full time coach to property management business development managers through his company BDM Coach.

In his own career as a BDM, Deniz brought on 925 new management contracts from an astonishing 1077 presentations within a 48 month period. Not only did the average new property management contracts per month grow from 12 to 34 per month, but the close rate and average fee also dramatically rose.

Deniz works with property management companies all over Australia, New Zealand and the US to help them recruit, build and manage their BDM teams for peak performance. His focus is growing other people’s rent rolls and mentoring them to become market leaders.

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