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Matthew Whitaker

Founder, Director of Market Development, gkhouses


“The Grinder” Hiring Process

Hire to help scale. This methodology is called “The Grinder” because there is rigor to the structured process. You can learn every trick in the book – from the latest sales techniques, to the newest property management systems and processes – But, if you don’t have the right people to run them, then it will all be for naught. Matthew walks through how GK has gone from 15 people 3 years ago to 75 today using his system for hiring. He’ll take you through it step-by-step and include what to look for and what to avoid when meeting with candidates.

More about Matthew Whitaker

Matthew is a student of the book Good To Great and is passionate about building gkhouses to become the best property management company on the planet; and maybe even the universe if Elon Musk will hurry up. To do that, he spent the first seven years of gkhouses in the trenches but now focuses most of his time facilitating growth in other markets.

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