Putting on last years show was a total blast, and we knew we had to do it again BUT the problem is that Alex and I have what’s known as compulsive improvement syndrome, which means we both start to get bored whenever we feel like we’re not being challenged to really raise the bar in our work… So the questions was, how can we make the 2018 PM Grow Summit twice as good as it was last year?

Step 1: Double the speaker budget and do countless interviews with the highest level keynote talent… THEN make sure they’re willing to get their hands dirty with us in applying their knowledge to the property management industry.

Step 2: Majorly improve the venue. Last year we hosted at the Marriott, and it just wasn’t up to our, or your, standards. This year we’re staying at the five pearl rated US Grant in San Diego. Hold on to your socks, this venue is first class.

Step 3: Take the top 1% of speakers and ask them to put on a world class hands on workshop the day before the conference. This is one notch down from having Marcus Sheridan fly to your office and just do the marketing for you. It doesn’t get more real than this and the workshop will sell out fast.

Step 4: Wait… why are we typing all this out? Go watch the video already!

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