Marc Cunningham

Marc Cunningham

Keynote Speaker - Coach - Property Manager

My dad started Grace Management in 1978 and I was one of his first employees…because I was free child labor! Today, with our team of 18 people, we manage 700 properties in Denver. We manage, we buy, we sell, we lease, we inspect, we evict, we invest, and we have fun doing it!

In addition to running our company, we train hundreds of property managers each year. Whether you are just starting a property management business or you are an industry veteran, we can show you how you can create a sustainable, profitable business that is NOT dependent on you to run it… and still take Fridays off.

Double Your Income through ‘Ancillary Business Services’ 30×30 by Marc Cunningham

Most property management companies struggle to be profitable – but that should not be the case! With proper planning you can use your property management business as a platform to create multiple streams of income. In this fun and inspiring session we will share some of our income streams and explain how you can implement […]