Jock McNeill

Jock McNeill

President, Alliance Property Management / Rent Napa Valley

Jock McNeill is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of Alliance Property Management and Rent Napa Valley, as well as sales, business development and acquisitions. He is an adjunct instructor in property management at Santa Rosa Junior College, holds the NARPM MPM® designation and is three time past president of the Marin-Sonoma chapter of NARPM.

“5 Principles of Success in Growing Through Acquisitions + Case Study ” by Mike Catalano and Jock McNeil

Michael Catalano and Jock McNeill are both experienced players in the acquisition market. Their talk will cover the tips/tricks and do’s/don’ts of growing through acquisition. The team will present their latest acquisition as a case study to identify the specific details of what went right and where things went wrong.