“7 Must-Have Elements of Every Highly Effective Website” by John Jantsch

Your website is the hub of your property management business and it must be so much more than a nice-looking brochure or listings database. Today your website is a crucial marketing asset.

It must help you attract customers, build trust, inform, convert, and even support your efforts to get referred. To accomplish this feat and turn your website into a high-performance tool, you must understand and implement the “must-have” elements required to guide your prospects and customers on the journey from awareness to confident buyer.

In this interactive keynote presentation, Duct Tape Marketing founder John Jantsch will cover the key features every website must have in the brave new world of marketing driven websites.

The presentation will feature live examples and reviews of attendee sites!

Participants will learn:

    • How to draw prospective clients with a compelling promise
    • How to make your prospect that hero of the story your site tells
    • The key trust-building elements prospects look for
    • How to create a “Call to Action” for every relevant moment
    • How to use content to attract and reward search engines
    • How to build a homepage journey for your ideal client